Chick Chick Is The Magnificent New Music Video Of Your Nightmares

Are you missing the magic of Gangnam Style? It may be gone, but it could never be forgotten — and the weirdness of music videos is alive and well with “Chick Chick,” the acid trip from hell, brought to you by Chinese singer Rong “Rollin” Wang. Well, it’s certainly v. v. wrong… and the perfect way to start your morning. This magnificent music video is what would happen if Black Swan became even weirder, something you didn’t even know was possible until today. Currently, “Gangnam Style” has 2.1 billion views, and subsequently 2.1 million pathetic attempts of re-creating it at weddings and bar mitzvahs worldwide. If you’re into ladies wearing sexy chick costumes (and who isn’t?) horrible Halloween style, a cartoon farm that would rival Old MacDonald’s, and shirtless men in animal masks, which is a serious throwback to Chat Roulette days, “Chick Chick” is the music video you need. [youtube]