Why You Should Dump Your Boyfriend, As Told By Lauren Conrad

If anyone knows relationships, it’s Lauren Conrad. Girlfriend went through all of the ups and downs of dating on national television. So naturally, she gives amazing advice — especially now that she’s all wifed up by hubby, William Tell. Lauren never had time for liars, cheaters, or guys who are just looking to mess around (see also: the Justin Bobby types of the world), and she doesn’t want you wasting your time either.

So, LC’s got a bone to pick with you.

lauren conrad gif mad

That guy you’ve been dating? SUCH a jerk.

lc dumb gif

I mean, he completely ignores you when his friends are around.

relationship advice the hills

And it’s pretty shady when his phone “dies” when he’s out partying.

over it lauren conrad

Then the next day he’s blowing up your phone trying to be all sweet.

lauren conrad radar guys funny

And you’re like:


When you really think about it, he spends more time hurting you than he does making you happy.

boyfriend gif

So it’s time to get rid of him and all the baggage that comes with him.

lauren conrad fresh start

And who says you guys can’t be friends?


Bonus: You won’t have to deal with his crazy ex-girlfriend anymore.

crazy ex girlfriend

Of course it’s going to be difficult to cut ties.

hard to say goodbye lauren conrad

But you’ll find a way to get through it.

lauren conrad red solo cup

Before you know it, you’ll be wondering why you ever wasted a second on that guy.

lc talking

So, go get dressed up and look extra hot tonight.

lauren conrad red lipstick

Because you’re single, damn it!

  lauren conrad yay gif

And single girls can do whatever the hell they want (including Brody Jenner).

lauren conrad brody jenner cheers cute

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