New Dressing Room Mirrors Make You Think You’re Skinny

There’s a new company making dressing room mirrors that will convince you you’re skinnier than you actually are. 10 pounds lighter, to be exact. I’ve seen myself in that neon lighting, and it definitely isn’t the most flattering, so I can’t say I’d be completely averse to looking cuter while shopping. That’s why I like to think my addiction to shopping is healthy… it forces me to work out, so I don’t look beyond hideous standing in the dressing room glare.
The next time you’re in a dressing room questioning everything (and searching for tweezers, because you suddenly realize your brows are long overdue for waxing), take some time to wonder if the mirror in question is magical. If you’re shopping and an outfit makes you look particularly teeny tiny, “The Skinny Mirror” might be in play.
Belinda Jasmine created The Skinny Mirror, which is quickly expanding from smaller boutiques in California to large retail chains, so it could be coming to a mall near you. The mirrors have curved glass that make you look both taller and 10 pounds thinner. Only one question — where can I buy one for my home?
It’s a mega brill idea. I’m way more likely to make a purchase if the mirror, mirror on the wall tells me I’m the skinniest girl of all. I can only imagine the amount of dressing room selfies in our future. Now, not only can you show off the outfit you can’t afford, you can look skinny while doing it.
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