10 Starbucks Drinks You Can Make At Home

Sometimes when I think about the amount of money I spend on Starbucks, I wonder if it would make more sense for me to become a barista. I invest so much money in those mermaid cups that it’s a wonder I haven’t become one. If you find yourself facing a life of crippling debt because of your addiction to red cup season, here are 10 drinks you can make from the comfort of your own kitchen. All of the calories, but way less dollar bills necessary.
The one negative when it comes to crafting your own Starbucks recipes? You become aware of the exact amount of sugar and whipped cream that goes into your favorite creations. When they hand you that steaming red cup covered in chocolate flakes, it seems like a magical gift from the coffee gods. When you make it inside your teeny tiny apartment, you found yourself covered in sugar granules and regret. If you want the fully authentic Starbs experience, feel free to misspell your own name.

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