Comedian Impersonates Your Favorite Celebrities While Stuck In Traffic

Comedian Lauren O’Brien is about to become your new favorite person. Lauren does ridiculously on point impressions of all your favorite (and least favorite) celebrities. From a super country Miley Cyrus (who gets tongue wagging inspiration from her neighbor, a St. Bernard), to playing not one, but two, Olsen Twins, all from the comfort of her own car. Girlfriend found the perfect way to kill time while stuck in traffic.
Lauren even has a dead on impersonation of Drew Barrymore, who loved the performance. It’s unclear if she changes outfits once she reaches her destination, or if she stays in her Kim K. gear all day at work. I can only hope that Lauren doesn’t get pulled over one day, because it must be difficult to explain to an officer of the law that you’re filming celebrity impressions while driving (this has to be even less safe than red light texting).
If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to spend time on the Los Angeles roads, you know that you could be sitting there for hours — so why not entertain yourself and others? Make your Monday 100% better by watching the video below.

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