Watch Ryan Cabrera Reveal His Ryan Gosling Tattoo

It might not be Throwback Thursday, but you can still experience a blast from the past courtesy of the girls over at Cosmo. They’re bringing you a video where your middle school crush, the impossibly high-haired Ryan Cabrera, ranks all of the other Ry-guys in Hollywood. Remember when he dated Ashlee Simpson and it was so devastating? Or when he appeared on The Hills with the always dead-eyed Audrina? Boyfriend made the rounds of Hollywood, so it makes sense that he’d spend time partying with some of the most famous Ryans in the game. While Cabrera definitely gets bonus points for admitting that Ryan Seacrest is his bro (and for revealing his Ryan Gosling tattoo), I’m going to have to deduct points for him not knowing who Paul Ryan is. Despite the faux pas, I can’t help but hope Ryan C. is returning to Hollywood (and that he grows out his hair again). [youtube] [youtube]