10 Things You Do NOT Want To Hear on a First Date

Bad first dates; we’ve all been there. Sometimes the conversations can feel like pulling teeth, and other times it would be better if the guy would just shut up. These are those times. If you hear any of these things on your first date, you know you should get up and run for the hills.

1. “Can I lick you?”

girl and guy on date
Excuse me! Am I an ice cream cone? Get out!

2. “I own a chinchilla.”

bad first date
Well, it looks like you’ve already found something cuter and more lovable than me. Get back to me once the animal is dead.

3. “I can’t drink milk without vomiting.”

bad date
How will you ever be strong? You need calcium!

4. “I hate drama.”

bad date awkward couple
Well, I love it! So just leave!

5. “I’m addicted to porn.”

romantic couple dinner
This is a red flag…and not a cute one!

6. “I only eat raw meat.”

Not Alone but Lonely
If you’ve dated one caveman, you’ve dated ’em all. Next!

7.”I pride myself on my ability to keep up with the Kardashians.”

couple cheers date

Set some higher standards for yourself, why don’t you? I’ve kept up with them for years and you don’t see me bragging.

8. “I’m sorry I’m not hungry. I filled up on pigs blood before the date.”

couple drinking date
Somebody is NOT a gentleman.

9. “I love funerals!”

couple first date

10. “Eyes are the window to souls and anuses are windows to butts.”

couple drinking
Don’t even try this poetry on me. You’re not a wordsmith and the only way direction these lines move me is out the door.
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