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Girl Scout Cookies Can Now Be Delivered Directly To Your Door


girl scout cookies online sale

Dreams do come true, because you no longer have to search far and wide for the cookies of your dreams. Once it’s officially Thin Mint season, you can binge from the comfort of your couch.

Are you worried that Girl Scouts (and their moms) are judging you because you buy a dozen GS cookies and bounce? Never fret, because you can now order online or on your phone. Laziness has a new layer of amazing. This is like Seamless, only more indulgent, and with less sushi.

Unfortunately, not all scouts will be selling. They need permission from their councils and guardians before they’re ready to go. This makes perfect sense, because people are creepy. Remember a couple of years ago when someone stole from the scouts? Now they can avoid any and all creepers IRL (but there are definitely still some on the internet, unfortunately). Sales are going digital to show girls how important online entrepreneurship is.

Ready to spend all of your savings on Samoas? You’ll have to befriend a scout first. For online access, you’ll need an email invitation. It’s basically an exclusive club, full of cookies (also known as my dream life).

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