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This Little Girl Is A Way Better Dancer Than Taylor Swift


taylor hatala dancing

Taylor Swift might be good at many things, from stalking ex-boyfriends to singing, but it’s no secret that she’s not the world’s best dancer. While Taylor Swift dances like you when you’ve had a few too many cocktails and suddenly believe you can drop it low and pick it up slow, 11-year-old Taylor Hatala can actually kill it on the dance floor.

Apparently, Taylor Hatala’s choreographer, Matt Steffanina, performed with Taylor Swift at the AMA’s when she went slightly psycho during Blank Space. I can only hope that this connection means that mini-Taylor will be joining T. Swizzle on tour. Swift’s all about making new best friends these days, and these two would be the cutest besties ever (sorry, Lena and Karlie).

Margaret writes about pop culture, middle school music, and fashion faux pas for CC. Connect me: twitter instagram