9 Delia's Graphic Tees That Just Got You

delias graphic tees
Why do the good brands die young? It seems like every day, another beloved brand from our childhood bites the dust. First, it was the overpriced velour sweatsuits over at Juicy Couture, and now it’s the ridiculous sayings on Delia’s t-shirts.
Delia’s was a pre-cursor to shopping at Urban Outfitters. Their t-shirts had silly sayings, but not so controversial that your parents or teachers would disapprove. I remember shopping there like it was yesterday — the way those shirts would hang on the walls, just beckoning you to showcase your originality (along with the rest of your 7th grade class).
Unfortunately, it looks like Delia’s is going the way of a sweatsuit that has JUICY splayed across your pre-pubescent bottom. Youths these days are just way trendier than we ever were. Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to the graphic tees of your childhood dreams (although you can stock up on sale since it’s the end of days). They filed for bankruptcy and will liquidate all merchandise, which I assume includes their incredible collection of graphic tees.
Here are 9┬áDelia’s tees that understood your middle school self completely.

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