Thirsty Celebrities Literally Beg For Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tickets

Some of your favorite celebrities are literally begging for tickets to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I totally get it, as they probably didn’t want to miss out on spectacular performances, from Taylor Swift going crazy, to Hozier‘s singing man bun, to Ariana Grande getting knocked out by an Angel on the runway. It’s definitely not because they’re all trying to bone an Angel, or even wife one up, Adam Levine style.
It’s no secret that everyone loves the Angels (even if you might love to hate them). It’s unclear who was more excited for the show — British boy Ed Sheeran, or British boy Ed Westwick. While Sheeran was busy smiling onstage like a kid in a candy shop, Ed ‘grammed more than a white girl at brunch, and that’s excessive.
ed westwick
We haven’t heard from Chuck Bass in quite some time, and I assumed that he was doing well for himself. You know, just living it up at the Empire Hotel, Blair in hand. Unfortunately, it looks like Chuck has fallen on thirsty days. If you’re looking for signs that Chuck has gone more rogue than the time he tried to sell Blair for a hotel, the proof is in the Insta, no filter necessary. When you think about it, though, this is exactly where America (and Blair) assumed Chuck would eventually be.

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