The 7 Best Date Party Themes

Date parties are quite possibly one of the most stressful Greek social events ever. First, there’s the process of finding the right date, then deciding what to wear, and finally planning a pregame that will be fun and comfortable for both you and your date. As much as we’d like to just wear a pretty dress and call it a day, that makes all of the parties feel the same.
With the right theme, everyone will be talking about the date party far in advance. Plus, if your dates are excited, it will make the night way more enjoyable. Some of the best themes make dates coordinate costumes and require some sort of effort in your outfits (hint: coordinating outfits with your date = talking before the party = no awkward first encounters at the party or pregame).
So, I happily give you some top-notch themes in order to plan some dope date parties.

1. Sugar and Spice

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You have to kick your creativity into gear with this one. You and your date will be dressing up as opposites. Think rivals: Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, Red Sox and Yankees (that’s baseball if you’re not following), and if you feel the desire to be a little more basic – dog and cat.

2. Champagne and Shackles

Champagne and shackles[Image via]

This doesn’t have to do with what you wear, but what you do at the party. Dates are handcuffed with a bottle of champagne (probably Andre) and share it throughout the night. Once you finish it, handcuffs are off. Champagne and close proximity to your date? Jackpot.

3. Mad Men

Cute Date Party Sorority Themes
It’s a modern classic, and you can’t go wrong with it. Think prestigious 1960s. Toss on your faux pearls. As a delightful young lady and a dapper young man, you both will love feeling so professional (whether you act professional or not is none of my business).

4. Throwback Thursday

throwback thursday party
This is best theme if your party is on a Thursday. Wear your gauchos, Paul Frank, and Juicy Couture sweat suits. Have your dates wear cargo shorts, bowling-inspired shirts, their high school sports jackets, etc. – whatever was the style back in the day.

5. Kentucky Derby

Fancy people with big hats. You don’t have to be from the south to fit in with this theme. It can get you out of your comfort zone, which is the fun of it. Guys wear suits (but a seersucker bow tie would be a nice touch), and you just need to aim for the southern prep look – but don’t you dare forget the obnoxious hats.

6. You Are What You Drink

jack and coke costume
Dress up as your favorite alcohol – any beer, wine, or liquor – or dress up with your date as mixed drinks, like vodka and soda. I would give you more examples, but I’m sure you have plenty of knowledge on that subject.

7. Thrift Shop Prom

Think old school and random. It may take a little more effort to take a trip to the thrift store, or to find a throwback dress/skirt/outfit. Once everyone’s together in their out-of-date outfits, it’s hilarious and awesome.
There is absolutely no limit to fantastic themes. The best themes are the inventive ones (and ones that rhyme, of course). If your sorority tends to have the same themes every year, try to mix it up. Date parties are a way to socialize with the boys you want spend time with, dress up in something you’d never wear otherwise, and of course, spend the night raging with your sisters.
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