The 10 Sparkliest Disney Christmas Lights To Celebrate The Holiday Season

disney holiday lights
Maybe this cold front is making you wish for warmer days. You can barely remember summer — the sundresses, the sandals, the sunlight. Now, it’s all about hats, gloves, and covering up every single inch of your body. You’ve even contemplated investing in a ski mask, but you’re not sure that it will be the most flattering purchase ever.
Luckily, the colder days do mean that Christmas is coming. Whether or not you celebrate, you have to appreciate the sparkly lights that transform even the most basic locations into works of art. I’m talking big, beautiful lights that make everything sparkly, and make you feel like anything could happen (not your neighbor’s hideous Santa couple that keep falling into compromising positions). Disney is already the most magical place in the world to begin with, so the lights just make it that more gorgeous.
Feeling jealous because your apartment only has a tiny, brown Christmas tree? Start planning a trip. After all, the best part of Disney is that it’s in Florida, so you won’t even have to layer up on your visit. You could even sport a sundress while you enjoy the light show. Plus, the ridiculous crowds will keep you warm enough (but it’s worth it, I swear).

[Images via Pinterest & Disney Tourist Blog]

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