How To Be Confident In 7 Easy Steps

Every girl wants to be confident. After all, confidence is the key to success and the key to any man’s heart. Here are my tips for being your best, most confident self.

1. Smile

How to be confident in 7 easy steps
This may seem easy, but you’re going to want to smile so big that it’s painful for yourself and for everyone else who is looking at you. You want people to think “Oh no. She is too happy! Her confidence is off the charts crazy!” A panicky smile may not be pleasant to look at, but it’s only because people will be intimidated by your happiness.

2. Forget those flaws

How to be confident in 7 easy steps
Because you can cover them with makeup and a big slouchy sweater!

3. KeepĀ an air of mystery

How to be confident in 7 easy steps
Now that you’re equipped with your body hiding outfit, you should also be prepared to hide that personality! Don’t speak. If you find yourself tempted to say, “‘I’m so scared about the future. Will I ever have a job? Will anyone ever love me?!” Just chew on your sleeve. This looks cute and others will be intrigued by your childlike behavior and adorable sense of wonder.

4. Keep your eyes open

how to be confident in 7 easy steps
This will make you appear awake, alive, and definitely NOT scared. Which is exactly the look you are aiming for.

5. Perfect your posture

how to be confident in 7 easy steps
The right body language is imperative to a confident attitude. When walking around outside, throw your arms back, tilt your head and look up to the heavens. This is the most inviting posture you can have and will force others to notice and talk to you. Even if they just ask what’s wrong with you, you’re getting attention, attention you deserve and desperately need. Attention begets confidence and confidence is what you’re after.

6. Whatever milk you’re drinking, make sure it’s a non-dairy alternative

how to be confident in 7 easy steps
No confident girl is gassy! With so many milk substitutes, there’s no reason you can’t find the one that speaks to you and complements your personality. Sip on some hemp milk and feel confidence course through your veins. Fill your glass with almond milk and fill your heart with high self-esteem.

7. Kale, kale, kale

how to be confident in 7 easy steps
I cannot stress this enough. Every confident girl eats, drinks, and talks about kale. If you don’t fit in, you won’t be confident. Blend it in smoothies if you hate the taste, I don’t give a f*ck, just get it in and you are well on your way to being a confident lady.

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