9 Krazy Kool Kale Gifts For Your Hipster Bestie


Kale — so hot right now. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but kale is the latest trend sweeping this weird nation of ours. Whether or not you’re a fan of overpriced lettuce, you can’t avoid its cultural impact — try as you might. There’s no need to consult any other holiday gift guide ever again, because these kale presents will cover all of your holiday shopping. From real life kale (unfortunately it’s not locally sourced, as it comes from hipster paradise Etsy) to a locket to show your love (because every kiss begins with K… for kale), these are gifts your hipster friends need immediately.

If you’re dating a lumbersexual (complete with a man bun), or have a friend who’s impossible to shop for because they’re so way cooler than you, these are the best kale gifts of all time. (Seriously.)

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