Shalom, Is It Me You’re Looking For: Jimmy Fallon Sings #HanukkahSongs

Growing up Jewish, you don’t get the same amazing songs that surround the Christmas tree (probably because most good Christmas songs were written by fellow Jews). Jimmy Fallon realized the struggle of the Jewish people, and created a whole bunch of songs with fans to keep everyone warm around the menorah this year.

From Lady Gaga to Elton John, these lyrics take the best of the best and make them Jew-ish and lolworthy. Now, when you’re gathered around the spinning dreidel, you’ll have something to watch that’s fun for the whole family… as long as your parents don’t think dancing along to “I came in like a matzah ball” is appropriate after dinner behavior (although you could throw gelt at them as their reward). This is the happiest day for Jews everywhere (since our bar or bat mitzvahs).

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