Your Vampire Diaries Cheat Sheet: Christmas Through Your Eyes

Vampire Diaries ChristmasIt’s Christmas in Mystic Falls, which only means one thing: multiple psychopaths on the loose are! Let’s see how the gang handled it.

At the top of the episode, Dr. Jo got got! She’s needed for that weird twin merging power ceremony and Kai wants the power she hid back in the ’90s in a knife. Seems a little “Sword and the Stone” to me but I’ll accept it.

This show should win some awards for #flawless facial expressions. Damon and Elena’s faces were priceless when they realized that Kai had stolen the magical knife.

Umm, that was really a TBT moment when the show was showing the girls at Christmas during their freshman year of high school. So many things were different! First off, everyone still had two parents and Caroline (it PAINS ME to write this) was actually kind of annoying.

Caroline is back but she has nothing to do with the main action of the show. Instead, she’s all concerned about having a white Christmas with her mama. But as the only remaining parent on the show, of course Sheriff Forbes can’t catch a break. She collapsed! Luckily for her, Stefan and his strong arms were there to save her. But not luckily for her, she has a tumor and is probably dying. Note to actors: never be a parent on a CW show.

“I get why you don’t want to merge with Liv because no one wants to see that face with her hair.” – Damon is a national treasure for that one. Does merging really change their physicality or is it more of a soul connection thingy? Pertinent question.

Matt is still on his crusade to kill Enzo and so far he’s not messing it up completely. But when Jeremy is your voice of reason in not doing something, you should probably examine  your life. Just sayin’.

Magic going back into your body is like the best blush ever. Jo looked radiant as it went back into her. (Sidebar about Jo: did anyone else realize she was the mean girl in both She’s All That and Whatever It Takes? She’s come a long way from her former ’90s bitch days.) Now, she’s all selfless trying to save the twins from merging.

Did anyone else realize how perfect Kai’s profile is? I caught a glimpse at that perfection when he was having that epiphany about the big spell the Travelers did on Mystic Falls.  He did a big spell of his own and broke the Travelers spell to suck their magic into himself. Uh-oh, looks like Jo won’t be beating him in that merge ceremony.

Kai took the magic from Mystic Falls at just the right time for Enzo since supernaturals can now survive in Mystic Falls. Looks like Matt might not make it to the season finale if Enzo gets his revenge.

Why can’t vampires cure cancer? Damn it! You think if you’d been around FOREVER you would have figured that mess out. So sad when Stefan explained that to Caroline. The worst Christmas.

I haven’t mentioned her but Bonnie did indeed know that it was Christmas despite the fact that she lives in May 10, 1994. She had a tree. She set it on fire. That’s all.

“Winter Song” is probably one of the most depressing Christmas songs to play. “Is love alive?/Is love alive?” Not on Vampire Diaries, or at least not for Elena! Kai put a cloaking spell on her and no one can see her. So now, Elena got got! This show excels at cliffhangers.

The show is signing off until the holidays but January 22nd can’t come soon enough. Until next time!

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