Hate Working Out? Pay Someone To Do It For You

Working out is the worst, amiright? I say that, but I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in kind of a long time. It’s just so much work — finding the perfect knock-off Lulu leggings, making sure your makeup looks like you tried (but not too hard), and then sweating it all off, so that you need to shower and ruin your perfect hair. Then, you have to Instagram the entire experience so everyone around knows how #fit you are.
It would be so much easier if I was a celebrity who was basically paid to work out… but since I’m not, I guess I can invest in the fitness-concierge business, SIN Workouts, because they basically work out for you.
SIN recommends and books your already ultra expensive classes, like SoulCycle. For the low price of $350 a month (plus the ridiculously overpriced classes), you get constant attention from the folks over at SIN. They’ll show up at your house early in the morning with snacks, provide a way for you to get there, and have your clothes waiting at the studio, along with your favorite disgusting kale juice. Each one of these services has an extra fee attached to it (makes sense, green juice is way expensive).
Your personal trainer will get to class before you, claim your bike, and even work out right next to you to make sure you don’t stop. With that kind of money, you could save up and buy enough gorgeous couture outfits to convince everyone around that you’re the skinniest in sight (no SoulCycle required).
If you’re looking for someone to boot you out of bed and into Nike shorts, you have to live in New York, Miami, or Chicago — so plan your post grad move accordingly.

[Lead via SIN Instagram]

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