9 Unexpected Ways To Add Subtle Sparkle To Your New Year's Eve Outfits

new year's eve outfits
New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, which means that it’s time to start perusing Pinterest for the glamorous, gorgeous LBD of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re dropping mega-bucks to head to a hotel party or hanging with your hometown friends, you still want enough sparkle to show that 2015 is something worth celebrating.
While you don’t want to cover your entire body in glitter because you’re no longer 12, putting on a smokey eye like it could be any other┬áday isn’t exactly festive. There’s a balance between looking like a disco ball, and looking like you’re going out somewhere where they’ll have one. While you’d obviously rather spend less money on a dress, there are certain times when it’s totally acceptable to splurge — and New Year’s Eve is one of them. I’m not suggesting you invest in a couture gown, but if you up your budget from Forever 21 prices, you could find┬ásomething special that actually lasts longer than just one night (and I promise, if you recycle it in a few years no one has to know). After all, you want your New Year’s eve dress (and kiss) to last past midnight, because the gorgeous dress is the only similarity you have to Cinderella.
Here are the cutest and most unexpected ways to add some glitter to the new year:

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