15 Secret Santa Gifts For Under $25

secret santa gift guide

The holiday season means it’s time to splurge. Luckily, Secret Santa gifts are usually somewhere under the $30 mark, which means that you won’t have to sell your spleen to afford your friendships. While we’re no longer in the age group where we can buy our Secret Santa a Bath & Body Works kit at the mall and call it a day, that doesn’t mean we have the necessary dollars to drop beaucoup bucks on big ticket items. If your friends aren’t into flash tattoos, Jane Austen novels, or Taylor Swift necessities, all hope is not lost (don’t worry).

If you’ve been perusing Pinterest for hours with nada in sight, here are the best Secret Santa gifts that are actually available (and adorable). Don’t worry, your Secret Santa will never have to know that you waited until the last possible minute to gift them with goodies.

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