7 Healthier Alternatives For Your Favorite Holiday Dishes

Everyone is guilty of abandoning their healthy habits in favor of indulging in delicious holiday treats. The eggnog, assortments of pies, and of course, cookies galore — who could resist? But for those of us trying to stay on track this holiday season, avoiding unhealthy leftovers from Christmas dinner, or in celebration of the New Year, can certainly seem easier said than done. That’s why seeking healthy alternatives can ease the struggle during this time of year!
No one wants to do without their favorite holiday dishes, nor should they have to! Everything in moderation, after all. All you need are just a few simple swaps to make your holiday celebration a little healthier!
Check out these healthy alternatives to some holiday classics:

These dishes and drinks don’t only look great, they also taste great, too, making them perfect for entertaining, or for bringing along wherever you’re celebrating! By putting a simple twist on some traditional holiday foods, you won’t lose out on taste while choosing healthy options, and, you won’t feel the guilt of indulging quite so much! Consider that one of your gifts this season!
Put a healthier spin on those traditional holiday dishes and treats you just can’t do without! With these awesome ideas, you can incorporate some super-easy tweaks into any holiday meal, and enjoy a happier, healthier celebration! Your family, friends, and your waistline with thank you.
For a little more of an edge, check out Dr. Oz’s Holiday Cheat Sheet for tips on keeping off the pounds this holiday season! Now, if only there was a way to address hangovers and embarrassing family moments, which inevitably seem to be at the mercy of the holidays.
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