Christina Aguilera Proves She’s Not A Mouseketeer, Curses Out Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

Christina Aguilera departed from her Mickey Mouse days with the Dirrty video way back in 2002
(leather chaps and all), but it looks like girlfriend is trying to distance herself from Disney even more… by cursing out everyone’s favorite cartoon character. Look, there’s a lot of celebrity bad behavior I’ll ignore, but girlfriend cannot be rude to a national treasure (more so, girlfriend should be polite to someone who spends their days trapped in an overheated polyester costume in California heat).

christina aguilera disney

Xtina spent Christmas at Disney, where this argument occurred. According to TMZ, she was celebrating her 34th birthday when this feud went down. It might be the official feud of 2014, other than Kris and Kim’s “omish” battle. When she was told to totally pause while Mickey took a break (unclear if it was a cigarette break from the stress of Disneyland), she had a diva meltdown.¬†She called Mickey an asshole (rude), and asked if he knew who she was. Probably not, as he’s a cartoon character.

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