The 10 Commandments Of New Years's Eve Style

We all look forward to NYE for different reasons. It’s a great excuse to party, the champagne is flowing and, of course, it’s a perfect opportunity to discard your oversized sweaters and boots and return to your preferred items of clothing: Short dresses and tall heels.
Are you in the process of putting together your outfit for the big night? Check out our ten commandments to ensure you’re ringing in the new year in style.

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1. Though shalt not wear your most uncomfortable heels.

Because you WILL NOT be able to get a cab right away.

2. Thou shalt check with your friends to make sure you don’t all wear the same short, sparkly Forever 21 dress.

Because that would be awkward.
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3. Thou shalt not leave your coat at home.

Because even if you’re in touch with your inner Elsa and not bothered by the cold thanks to the Jello shots you downed at the pregame, you could still get sick if you’re running around outside sans coat.

4. Thou shalt be creative.

Don’t be afraid to wear something other than an LDB with black pumps. Standing out is fun!
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5. Thou shalt embrace the sparkle.

If you don’t want to wear a sparkly dress, consider a sequin blazer or even some cool sparkly pants.

6. Thou shalt wear a bold lipstick and a smokey eye together.

Beauty rules don’t apply on holidays.
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7. Thou shalt treat yourself to a new dress for the occasion.

You can start on that ‘spend less money’ resolution next year.

8. Thou shalt wear highlighter.

It creates such a gorgeous, flattering glow and since it’s the holiday season, you can get away with a bit of shimmer on your face.
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9. Thou shalt not overspray your hair.

Because there’s nothing cute about the flattened-out thing that happens when you put a New Years Eve hat over product-heavy hair.

10. Though shalt dress up a bit even if you’re just going to a friend’s place.

Because it’s fun! And really, what could be better than getting dressed up without having to walk outside in the cold?

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