10 Reasons New Year's Eve Is THE WORST

bridget jones
I have a few words for whoever decided New Year’s Eve absolutely had to be the best night of the year. Instead of just another night out with friends, it has turned into a stressful extravaganza that is never actually as much fun as it’s hyped up to be. The countdown shouldn’t be to midnight…it should be to when I actually lose my mind.

1. Trying to figure out plans could actually drive a person crazy.

Stressing over what to do, where to go, who is invited, what to wear…

2. Everything’s super expensive.

take my money glee
From cab rides to admission tickets to the bar, you might as well dump the contents of your wallet on the floor.

3. Sequins are itchy.

But if you’re not sparkling, it’s not really New Year’s Eve, so you have no choice.

4. Heels are uncomfortable.

But, again, it’s New Year’s.

5. It’s freezing outside.

And your sequins dress and heels aren’t appropriate attire for waiting on line in the snow.

6. The club is packed.

If you’re going out, prepare to be squeezed into a corner for the majority of the night, have drinks spilled on you, and wait half an hour for the bathroom.

7. Those New Year’s glasses are just annoying now.

When the 2000s rolled around, some genius made a billion dollars by making glasses with the zeroes as the eyes. Now everyone is just milking it and it’s straight up irritating.

8. Kissing at midnight.

superstar mary kissing tree
No matter what your current relationship status is, your New Year’s kiss won’t be as epic as Ryan and Marissa’s on season one of The O.C. Nothing like that ever happens in real life. It’s just a sloppy make out.

9. The hangover.

eurotrip never drinking again
Maybe creating a drink combining champagne, whiskey, and vodka wasn’t the best idea…but it was open bar.

10. Realizing this year won’t be much different.

despicable me
Everyone acts like the start of a new year is a chance to start over, but after a few days of making excuses not to go to the gym and texting your ex, you realize not much has changed.
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