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See The Ridiculous Things Every State Googled In 2014


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You know how you sometimes Google some really creepy, ridiculous things? Well, you probably didn’t realize that people can see them — so before you die, clear your search history. If you were wondering if you should move immediately based on what your state’s into, this is the list for you. Plan your post grad locale around it accordingly.

Estately used Google Trends to see what everyone was searching for. These are the (best of) the searches specific states made more than any other state:

what states google

ARIZONA:  Mexico-United States Border / “Wilfred” (cancelled TV show)

Really didn’t know anyone was watching Wilfred, so get it, Arizona. 

DELAWARE:  (nothing)

Way to be, Delaware. 

IDAHO: How to craft / Bowe Bergdahl (U.S. soldier)

I guess there’s not much to do in Idaho, but there’s always Pinterest. 

INDIANA: Tony Stewart (stock car racer) / Shirley Temple (actress/diplomat) / Ann B. Davis (Alice from “The Brady Bunch”) / “Two and a Half Men” (TV show) / “Community” (TV show)

Community can’t be canceled! The people in Indiana have spoken. 

NEW YORK:  Philip Seymour Hoffman (actor) / Peaches Geldof (journalist) / Lauren Bacall (actress) / Terry Richardson (photographer) / Jared Leto (actor) / Macaulay Culkin (actor) / Margot Robbie (actress) / Laverne Cox (actress) / Donald Trump (self-promoter) / Drake (rapper) / Leslie Jones (comedian)  / Conchita Wurst (Austrian Eurovision winner) / “Girls” (TV series) / Samsung Galaxy S5 / How to apply foundation? / Gaza and Israel / What’s a selfie?

“What’s a selfie?” is a question that’s just as important as the conflict in Israel. 


And no one is surprised. 

WISCONSIN:  What is Tinder? / Pabst Blue Ribbon

If you have to ask, you’re better off not knowing. 

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