Jamie Lynn Spears Pulled A Knife At A Pita Pit

Everyone’s favorite former Teen Mom, Jamie Lynn Spears (you could say she started the trend), got into a knife fight at a Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana. (That might be the most elegant sentence I’ve ever written.) For anyone who’s ever had the (mis)fortune of visiting Hammond, this can’t be the first time this has happened.
Unlike Solange, the other celebrity little sister who was a teen mom, Jamie Lynn doesn’t seem to be making fabulous/Instagram-worthy life choices for herself. Oddly enough, both Solange and Jamie Lynn live in Louisiana, but I doubt they hang out like friends do.
Jamie Lynn was chilling out at the Pita Pit (girlfriend would’ve been better off at a Subway), with a friend when this brawl went down. Fun fact — Pita Pit is famous for being one of the only places in LA (Louisiana, not Los Angeles) that’s always open late for the desperate, so I feel sure Jamie Lynn had a little liquor in her. When her friend started a girl fight, Jamie Lynn jumped right in — with an enormous bread knife. And you thought your 2014 was rough? On the bright side, maybe Pita Pit will make Jamie Lynn their official spokesperson.
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