7 New Year's Eve Cocktails That Will Have Everyone Loving The Bubbly

New Year’s Eve  is my favorite holiday. Not because of the resolution-making, the fresh starts, or because I’ll be one year wiser. I love this holiday because it’s the one day a year my friends and randos at the bar don’t look at me weird for chugging champs all night. The bubbly is my drink of choice, all year long. It’s crisp, it’s pretty, and it makes me look like a class act.
I know some of you only pop champagne one day a year, and maybe need a little guidance. If you’re throwing a soiree for all your gal pals and want to impress them with some Pinterest-worthy drinks, or if you’re just pregaming at your apartment before heading out on the town, check out the gallery below to start…and end…your night right. Happy 2015!

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5 Simple Tips to Have the Best NYE (Without Stress)
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