Say Goodbye to C. Wonder With Super Cute Sale

c wonder closing
C. Wonder, the Tory Burch knock-off with monogrammed everything, is officially closing its doors. Luckily, if you find yourself in desperate need of a new button-down there’s always Brooks Brothers, and if you’re looking for statement jewelry that screams tropical vacay, that’s where Lilly Pulitzer comes in. Unfortunately, they never really found their niche. Their price point was a little too high, and their monograms reminiscent of your preppy freshman roommate were a little too kitschy, leaving them in an over-saturated market somewhere between Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade, and J. Crew.
Chris Burch, former husband of Tory, is the mind behind C. Wonder — and it’s commonly called an act of “revenge retail.” The official word via Forbes is that, “Due to the highly competitive nature of the current retail environment, C. Wonder will be closing its remaining stores. The company continues to evaluate its best alternative to maintain the C. Wonder experience for its customers.” Say your goodbyes by investing in some of the cutest pieces, as it’s all 50% off now (and forever).

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