Winter is Coming: 4 Ways to Stay Stylish In The Snow

winter outfits
Winter is coming, and even if you’re prepared mentally and physically, it’s difficult to create a look that says, “I’m chic and warm!” as opposed to, “I’m freezing and may or may not be homeless, unclear.” It can be easy to abandon style entirely, in lieu of layers upon layers and (dare I say it) Uggs. I’m not talking temperatures that make booties and cute cardigans a possibility — I mean negative degrees that you thought were ages, not temperatures.
In the blogosphere, ladies always look adorable playing in the snow. In reality, you’re trying to keep your mascara on as flurries whiz past your face. Unfortunately, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that no one can see you. There’s staying warm Pinterest style, and then there’s actually being warm. Before you put on every layer you’ve ever owned and then some, figure out how to layer so that you don’t look (and feel) like theĀ abominable snowman.
Full disclosure: I’m not fully prepared for winter yet, as a former Floridian. Luckily, the interwebs provide plenty of tips and tricks to ready yourself for the quickly dropping temps.

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