Blair Waldorf Declares Herself A Feminist, Thinks Everyone Should Be One

Serena van der Woodsen might have finally popped that bun out of her oven, but Blair Waldorf is still winning at life. Unlike Bing Bong’s Kaley Cuoco who believes that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, Seth Cohen’s wife knows what’s up. When Leighton Meester was asked if she was a feminist in the middle of a radio show, her answer shouldn’t surprise anyone: “Yeah, it shouldn’t be some sort of sensational news item. It’s something that I think all people should say about themselves.”
Just another reason to binge watch Gossip Girl, instead of The Big Bang Theory (like you needed one). Unfortunately, in the same interview Leighton said no to a possible GG reunion, so it looks like we’ll have to stick to re-runs — for now. Luckily, Blair and Chuck will always live on in our hearts (even if he did try to sell her for a hotel once).
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