Tired of Looking for Love? You Could Always Marry Your Cat(s)

crazy cat lady
If you’re totally over looking for love, all hope is not lost. You could always marry your adoring pets, because they’ll always be there for you. They don’t complain when you want to watch¬†The Bachelor,¬†you don’t have to wait for their texts, and they’ll never leave you (mostly because they depend on you for literally everything). While I’m a dog person, myself, that doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to this woman who took her love life into her own hands by tying the knot with her favorite creatures on the planet.
Barbarella Buchner takes crazy cat lady to the next level. When she split from her partner, she took the opportunity to marry her pets (she even had their names tattooed on her legs, which could make for awkward conversation if she ever finds herself a real life gentleman caller).
Barbz found the website marryyourpet.com and realized she could put a ring on their little paws. Ladies, no matter how bleak the prospects look for 2015, please do not marry your pets. You have the rest of your life to become a cat lady, but that doesn’t mean you need to start early.
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