Jimmy Fallon & Nicole Kidman Win Most Awkward Date Ever

And you thought your last Tinder date was awkward? Nicole Kidman made an appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show to promote her latest masterpiece, when the truth came out — and the truth is that Nicole liked ‘ol Jimmy long ago. In an interview that’s almost as awkward as running into last night’s boy toy in the dining hall, Nicole explains that she had a friend organize a “hang” between the two, before both were wifed up.
When she arrived, she was ready for a casual hang, while Jimmy was wearing sweatpants and holding a hunk of brie cheese (because nothing says romance like moldy cheese, amirite?). The date got so weird that Fallon started playing video games (because all girls like to watch that). Thank goodness they’re both married, because it sounds like both are equally awful at dating.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtsNbxgPngA?list=UU8-Th83bH_thdKZDJCrn88g&w=600&h=315]

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