Childish Gambino Gets Wacky & Weird In New 'Sober' Video

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover/the best part of Community/the more hipster Drake, gets so, so high in his new video for Sober. After he went dark on all social media outlets in December, he teased this video on Twitter and then released Sober at 3AM (perfect opportunity to reach people who are awake and not exactly sober in the early morning). For someone who named an album Because The Internet, he knows exactly what he’s doing by going dark on social, which is an outlet that helped make him.
CG dances around, accosts a lady in an empty restaurant, and is unaware of time completely (the clock never changes). You’ll laugh, you’ll relate, and you’ll probably start seriously crushing on his ridiculous dance movies. I 100% wouldn’t mind being stuck anywhere with him, even if it was a fast food restaurant.

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