Kendall Jenner Just Landed A MAJOR Fashion Campaign

Kendall Jenner can add Marc Jacobs to her roster of fabulous fashion designers that she rocks the runway for. Marc Jacobs enlisted multiple models for his next campaign, but Kendall is the most noteworthy. MJ tweeted the first campaign picture, which shows Kendall looking less like a Kardashian and more like a military mom (that wig, though). She’s sporting a shaggy bob (total mom hair) along with an army ensemble that involves cargo capris. I may want Kendall’s life (c’mon, girlfriend gets to travel to exotic locales on the reg and sport Chanel on the runway), but I’d say hard pass on this outfit.
Models Jessica Stam, Joan Smalls, and bestie Karlie Kloss will be joining her in the campaign. My only hope is that Karlie can convince bestie Taylor Swift to join the campaign, because girlfriend can rock a shaggy bob (although it’s unclear how she’d look with goth hair and in an army suit).
kendall jenner marc jacobs
karlie kloss marc jacobs
[Images via Twitter & Instagram]

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