Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna Sitting In A Tree?

Word on the street is that bad gal RiRi and Leo have been locking lips lately. This celeb conscious coupling should really surprise nobody. RiRi is famous for doing exactly what she wants all the time, and Leo loves a pretty face (or faces, as the case may be). TMZ reports that the couple¬†were spotted canoodling (as celebrities do — when normals “canoodle” I’m pretty sure it’s just called making out).
It looks like Leo took his handsome mug and man bun to the Playboy Mansion, where he made his intentions towards Rihanna known (assuming his intentions were mostly MOing).
rihanna leo dicaprio dating
Rumor has it that the two were spotted getting romantic while surrounded by celebs like P. Hilton (is she even really a celebrity anymore?), Hillary Duff (unclear why she was at the Playboy manse), and Pamela Anderson (I assume she’s there year-round). No one knows if they spent the evening shacking, but they did both roll up to Fiddy Cent’s after-party, so anything is possible.
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