People Are Freaking Out About This Sorority Email

Everyone is freaking out over this sorority recruitment email, but unfortunately, if you were a sorority girl yourself, it probably sounds decidedly familiar to you.

Jezebel is shocked at the behavior of these sorority sisters, but it looks like a regular day in Greek life to me. I mean, sure, picking out the products everyone should use on Pinterest isn’t exactly the recruitment chair’s job, but it’s not totally overkill. And you don’t really need an entire paragraph to describe eyebrow grooming, when “eyebrows on fleek” would be enough… but these ladies are going hard this year. Recruitment game 100 (except for the part where this email was leaked).

Apparently, the email in question came from Alpha Chi Omega at University of Southern California. I’ve seen the ladies there, and I’m honestly shocked it’s not worded more strongly. While plenty of “batshit crazy” sorority girls, and sorority girl emails, do exist, this is not one of them.

crazy sorority email

As anyone who goes through recruitment knows, it’s the most judgmental time of the year — like Christmas, only kind of evil.There’s always going to be a Recruitment Chair that’s way too invested in recruitment, because life works that way. She’ll go on to be President of the Junior League and the PTA.

While potential new members (PNMs) would like to believe that it’s all about being your best self, there’s lots of harsh¬†judgment that comes along with recruitment. As someone who used to be on the recruitment board, you’ll never be as mean as you are during rush. It’s middle school¬†Mean Girls level. While yes, that’s not exactly nice, or sisterly, it’s not batshit crazy — that’s something else entirely… In fact, you might remember that email where a sorority girl threatened to punt people somewhere not very nice — now that’s batshit crazy.


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