Want To Ship Glitter To Your Enemies? So Does Everyone

Kim Kardashian might not have broken the internet, but the ability to ship glitter to enemies everywhere did. It seemed like a great idea at the time (as everything does, especially if glitter is involved). Unfortunately, everyone, ever, loved the idea of shipping glitter to frenemies, not-boyfriends, and your awful high school nemesis.

After all, it’s far more polite than a steaming present from your favorite dog, but if you’ve ever been through sorority big/little week, you know that glitter’s basically an STD of the highest order — it’s never going away, ever. You can clean, you can move, you could probably even do a quick Harry PotterĀ spell, and you’ll still be finding glitter in your underwear drawer for the rest of eternity.

Unfortunately, Mathew Carpenter, the creator of this brilliant enterprise, was bombarded with requests for glitter and he just can’t keep up. If you’re interested in buying this budding business (bidding starts at the low price of $1), it seems like something right up a college students alley. Sorority girls love glitter already, so why not send it to everyone you hate?

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