10 Girl Problems Guys Will Just Never Understand

girls girl problems
There are a few advantages to being a girl. We can cry to get out of a speeding ticket, flirt to get a free drink at the bar, and….yeah, that’s about it. Guys have it much easier than us and still think our “problems” are silly. Don’t even try to explain these issues we have to conquer – they just don’t get it.

1. Going out in the winter


It’s extremely difficult to plan an outfit that is both cute and keeps us warm. We have to choose…and we choose cute.

2. Being drunk in high heels


The room is already spinning, but we like a challenge.

3. Having frenemies


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, amiright? Plus we need something juicy to talk about with our actual friends.

4. Being catcalled on the street


I’m wearing a winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf. You can’t even see skin. Why is he whistling at me? Gross.

5. Obsessing over celebrities


Yes, we are aware there’s a very low probability of ever dating Channing Tatum. Yes, we were crushed when we found out he got married. Yes, we are still going to swoon every time he’s on television.

6. Applying makeup


¬†Why do we open our mouths when putting on mascara? Why has no one invented a fool proof liquid eyeliner? Why does lipstick get stuck on our teeth? It’s not as easy as we make it look.

7. Shopping for a good bra


Finding the right fit is an art. A very expensive art.

8. Waiting in line for the bathroom


There’s always a line for the girls room, especially when you’ve been drinking a lot and your bladder is about to explode. Not to mention the disgusting state of the bathroom stall. What I would give to be able to just stand and aim.

9. Doing hair


So many hours of my life spent getting my hair to cooperate.

10. Getting a “monthly visitor”


And all the fun (cramps, mood swings, expensive supplies, oh and that childbirth thing) that is related to it. Not. Fair.
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