16 Inspirational Dolly Parton Quotes To Celebrate Her Birthday

If you’ve ever related to anything Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, or Miranda Lambert has ever sang or said, you need to appreciate that Dolly Parton is the originator of everything. As an O.G. spirit animal to both the celebrities and normals of the world, Dolly’s full of all of the wisdom you could ever ask for. Who needs inspirational Pinterest quotes when you could turn to Dolly Parton? Girlfriend’s got tons of ~inspiration~ whether she’s talking men, makeup, or the mascara tears caused by the two combining.
In a world full of celebrities who broadcast¬†their every movement, Dolly is notoriously tight-lipped — which only makes her more lovable. She’s been married for approximately 200 years (okay, for 50, but that’s close enough), but rarely makes public appearance with her husband. She’s also rumored to be covered in tattoos that no one has ever seen, which only adds to her air of mystery. In a world of MiCy’s and bad gal RiRi’s, there’s something incredible about being a public figure who keeps their private live top secret.

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