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16-Year-Old Emma Stone Singing ‘Bitch’ Is A Hidden Gem


emma stone singing

Is Emma Stone still your celebrity spirit animal? This video of her singing Bitch at only sixteen will solidify that place for her in your heart. This glorious music video is a hidden gem unearthed by the internet. Not only is she going by “Emily” Stone, she’s all big eyes, just like the movie (and the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler joke). The torn Abercrombie-esque jeans, midriff top, and uncomfortably shimmery eye makeup are all a nice touch, and the perfect reminder of your middle school style days.

This masterpiece happened when Emma auditioned for In Search of the Partridge Family way back in 2004. While this Bitch performance has all of the relatable Stone sass we’ve grown to love, her performance of We Belong, also for the show, proves that she should stick to her day job (you know, being an Oscar nominated actress). You have to give it up — girlfriend sings Bitch the same way you did, secretly in your bedroom. Karaoke game 100.

Margaret writes about pop culture, middle school music, and fashion faux pas for CC. Connect me: twitter instagram