Finally, The Origin of Justin Bobby's Name Is Revealed

Justin Bobby, a man so great he needed two names, finally revealed the origin of his Hills mythology. If you’ve spent the last couple of years wondering where exactly a man as great as Justin Bobby came from, he spoke to Bustle about his Hills stardom. He revealed that he was so mortified about being on The Hills that he decided he didn’t want to use his real name. Justin Brescia decided to be called Bobby, because his middle name is Robert. He knew Audrina before they started filming, and once the show started she had trouble keeping his name straight. (Let’s be honest, girlfriend was best known for her blank gaze, so it doesn’t surprise me that she couldn’t remember the name Bobby.) Even the producers were confused by the snafu, which is when he accidentally started going by Justin Bobby. Justin Bobby is every bad boy you’ve ever dated — and despite what you thought at the time, wearing combat boots to the beach is never a good look. He was the ultimate lumbersexual, long before it was trendy. While everyone thought Spencer brought the crazy, JB’s drug-addled quotes were really quite insane.

In honor of his name reveal, here are Justin Bobby’s best moments on The Hills.