This Dream Dorm Room Has A Ball Pit

By now, you’ve probably heard every reason ever to come back to a guy’s room. From watching a movie to checking out his fish tank, the opportunities are endless. While it’s easy enough to turn down a night spent getting halfway into The Notebook before the MO begins, it’s almost impossible to turn down a quick tumble in the ball pit. No, that’s not a double entendre, this college student quite literally built a ball pit in his dorm room.
David Nichol, a Rice University senior is obviously brilliant — and not just because he’s majoring in computer engineering. For the low price of $500, he ordered 13,000 plastic balls. Unfortunately, he had some issues with US Customs, who thought his love of childhood McDonald’s playhouses was a little bit off (makes sense, if you watch enough Law and Order: SVU you don’t trust anyone).
Like Fight Club, there are rules for the pit. If Nichol invites you over, he’ll make you take off your shoes, and you can’t eat. That’s unfortunate, because after a late night out around campus, coming back to a bill pit and eating some secret pizza sounds like everything. Serious snaps to David Nichol, who’s embracing his senior status.
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