Blair Waldorf Acoustic Is Everything You Want It To Be

When Gossip Girl ended, it left a Burberry scarf shaped hole in all of our hearts. Luckily, Blair Waldorf (also known as Leighton Meester) is making surprisingly gorgeous music these days. In this acoustic video for Heartstrings, she sounds exactly how you imagine Blair would. In fact, if Blair stayed at NYU, I can only imagine that she would’ve become an indie folk singer. Her ombre beach waves and coffee house vibe booties and skinny jeans scream struggling artist Brooklynite, which is exactly what would’ve happened if Blair ended up with Dan Humphrey. I personally believe the video would benefit from more bow headbands and a Dorota sighting, but we can’t always get what we want — something Blair learned early on, when Yale rejected her.
Unfortunately, her husband Seth Cohen (also known as Adam Brody) wasn’t *spotted* in the audience.

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Naked Lady Gaga Broad City Style
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