Chris Pratt Might Be Your Next Indiana Jones

Chris Pratt, your favorite lovable buffoon, might be the next Indiana Jones — guaranteeing that you’ll actually see the movie. Pratt is most famous for playing Andy Dwyer (and Bert Macklin, of course), and loving Fireball even more than you do during a night out.

Word on the mean streets of Hollywood is that Chris Pratt is in talks with Disney to take over the role for the reboot. His turn as a bonafide heartthrob inĀ Guardians Of The Galaxy means that he’s wormed his way into the hearts of Americans.
While it’s too early to know for sure if Pratt will be Indiana, please feel free to incorporate this knowledge into your C. Pratt fantasies.

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10 Times @GirlWithNoJob Knew Exactly How You Felt
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