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R.I.P Rock Show: Your 5 Favorite Blink 182 Songs


blink 182 break up

Blink 182 may be gone, but they’ll forever have a place in our middle school hearts — reminding us of days of studded belts and Warped Tour. Luckily, Fall Out Boy is recently back together, and the All American Rejects are still going strong, if you need your pop punk fix immediately. Put on your jelly bracelets and work on your MySpace angles and you’ll feel like your 8th grade self in no time. Bring back all of your old middle school feelings with the best Blink offerings.

1. What’s My Age Again?

You officially feel old when you get to sing “nobody likes you when you’re 23,” and mean it.

2. All The Small Things

Admit it — this song taught you to mosh at a bar mitzvah.

3. The Rock Show

This song gave scene girls everywhere hope that they’d find love in a hopeless place. That hopeless place was Warped Tour.

4. Adam’s Song

Emo realness your middle school soul could get behind.

5. I Miss You

This song was a whole pile of emo weirdness after emo was no longer even vaguely cool, but you still hoped they’d find their pop punk souls again after this.


Margaret writes about pop culture, middle school music, and fashion faux pas for CC. Connect me: twitter instagram