Sorority Girls at UVA Told To Skip Fraternity Bid Night Parties

university of virginia controversy

While Jackie’s University of Virginia story might have been problematic, that doesn’t mean that the Greek culture at UVA is no longer controversial. The event has brought light to the sexual assaults happening there, and on college campuses everywhere. It has made people more aware of the issues that come with Greek life, a system that’s very much based on class and gender. University of Virginia is trying to protect their reputation and legacy, but by doing so is it too little too late?

Jia Tolentino, a current Jezebel writer and UVA alum, returned to campus to re-visit the issue. She found that while the students are nervous, there’s no real change.

Now, the International President of Alpha Delta Pi, Tammie Pinkston, told sorority women that they shouldn’t attend fraternity bid nights to “protect their safety and well-being.” Students at UVA felt that the letter, “perpetuates the fundamental power dynamics underlying the issue by forbidding sorority women to exercise their agency.” Sorority girls are friends with these fraternity members, and it makes sense that they’d want to spend this night with them celebrating together. The letter told them to plan sisterhood events for that night, instead.

In an ideal world, women wouldn’t have to feel like they must protect themselves — their safety, their “virtue,” their bodies — constantly. It would be a join effort, one that wouldn’t mean pink pepper spray or conceal and carry permits to feel safe walking alone at night. Women would be able to live their lives without gripping their keys on the way to the parking lot. They would feel safe drinking without the constant paranoia that it would lead to an unsafe situation. Being told to stay home at night to stay safe will never be true safety.

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