This Hozier Cover By The Vanderbilt Melodores Will Make You Want To Transfer

If you’re already obsessed with Hozier and his man bun, prepare for that love to deepen. This “Take Me to Church” cover has all of the emotions from the original, with more prep and less potentially homeless hipster. Prepare your Vanderbilt transfer application accordingly, because you could be wifed up by one of Melodores. Forget Oxford and their incredibly awesome a cappella version of Shakira (it’s too far away, anyway), Vandy is where you’ll meet your fabulous future husband.
Unfortunately, via the Melodores Instagram, the lead singer is already engaged, but there are still plenty of suited prepsters to go around. Their “Take Me to Church” cover was so epic it made them the first ever college champions of The Sing Off. It also brought them the lifelong adoration of Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz, who can be seen bobbing his head in the background, and a Facebook shout out from Hozier himself. They’re basically A listers.
While this performance was on a much bigger stage, their time spent singing “Talk Dirty” proves that they’ve always been destined for greatness.

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