This Disgusting Weather Is Making You More Productive

Surprise, surprise — there’s actually an upside to this awful weather. Even though it makes you want to stay inside all day, once you’re in class or at work you’re actually more productive than ever. Before you decide that the light rainfall outside is actually a blizzard that means you need to stay indoors, realize that poking your head out from under the covers and heading to the library could be incredibly beneficial.

Three researchers from Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that bad weather doesn’t decrease productivity, like people originally thought. Their paper was published in theĀ Journal of Applied Psychology, and it says that the idea that bad weather puts you in a bad mood and makes you less productive is actually wrong. Instead, bad weather increases your productivity because you’re stuck inside.

Think about it — without the temptation to go outside and play/start day drinking at 9 AM, your time in the library is far less depressing. You’re not as distracted when there’s literally nothing happening outside except snow, because there’s nothing to miss out on. Say goodbye to FOMO forever, and start studying for midterms before the sun comes out again.

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