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Mila Kunis Kutcher Talks Murder & Motherhood With Ellen


jackie and kelso

Mila Kunis, possibly now Kutcher, sat down with Ellen to talk about life, love, and what she would do if her newborn daughter murdered someone in cold blood. You know, just the usual celebrity interview topics.

Throughout the interview (and in life), Mila comes off as impossibly charming, just like Ashton Kutcher used to be. Remember when he was famous for wearing Von Dutch caps and punking people? It was before the days of his marriage to Demi Moore and his subsequent stint on Two and a Half Men. Now, Mila is the far more talented and entertaining partner in their union, although their best days were obviously during That ’70s Show. 

Mila talks about how she’s handling motherhood on her own, but stops the audience from applauding, explaining that she’s lucky enough to have taking time off as an option. When asked about her secret marriage to Ashton she shrugs, saying she doesn’t know. Well, I’m pretty sure girlfriend knows whether or not she’s married and is avoiding the question, so congratulations to the happy couple. May Jackie and Kelso live happily ever after.

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