Soothsayer Taylor Swift Predicted The Demise Of “Blank Space” Mansion

taylor swift blank space video mansion

Taylor Swift is not only your celebrity spirit animal, she’s a fortune teller. When T. Swizzle sang “So it’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames,” she was talking about her relationships with a plethora of ex-boyfriends, but she could have been discussing the demise of the mansion she was filming her video in.

Swift is 100% a soothsayer, because the estate where she filmed “Blank Space” went down in flames. It took 150 firefighters (hopefully hot ones, because that would make for the perfect next music video), almost three hours to control the blaze (like the fiery inferno of Taylor’s heart whenever a boyfriend breaks it off).

woolworth estate fire

Maybe when Taylor went slightly psycho while filming she activated the ghost that locals have always thought haunted the mansion. The estate was built by the Woolworth family in Long Island after their family home was destroyed in a fire. Some folks thought the spirit of Woolworth’s second daughter lingered after she committed suicide in 1917.

If you’re interested in investing and doing the repairs on your own, it’s going to run you about $19 mil.

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